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DWI/Traffic Tickets

DWI and Driving While Revoked
North Carolina has some of the harshest and most complicated laws in the country concerning DWI and DWLR charges.  The best thing you can do with regard to a charge of a DWI or a DWLR is to contact an attorney.  We offer free consultations to go over the charge and the consequences associated with it.  It is important to start on your defense as early as possible.  Addressing the problem early on can help eliminate confusion and ease any tension you have regarding these very serious charges.  Being a former prosecutor, I have prosecuted hundreds of DWI cases in both district and superior court and have the experience and knowledge to handle these cases to achieve the best possible outcome for you. 
Call me today to discuss your best options and what your rights are regarding DWI's.  Dealing with DWLR can be tricky considering the affects that a conviction can have on your right to get your license back.  I am experienced in handling these matters and pride myself on being able to advise my clients on not just how to get their licenses back, but assisting them in this process either through representation in court or in a hearing with NC DMV.  Call me now to discuss how to get your license back. 
There is nothing "simple" about a simple traffic ticket.  You need an experienced and knowledegable attorney to help you navigate the complex laws and regulations of the State of North Carolina and the Department of Motor Vehicles.  All too often clients approach me hoping to change or modify the outcome of a matter which they initially chose to handle themselves without the benefit of counsel.  This incurs additional legal expense and inconvenience for the client.  Once the insurance premium increase or license revocation arrives in the mail, they realize the severe consequences which can arise from what appeared to be a "simple" matter.
During the course of my legal career, I have handled tens of thousands of traffic matters.  I have developed an excellant working relationship with law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges and am able to negotiate the best possible result for my client.  Whether you are concerned about your insurance premiums, or in the case of CDL holders, concerned about your livlihood, you should be aware of your legal options as well as the legal consequences you are facing.
Please contact me before you choose to simply pay a traffic ticket or appear in court to represent yourself.  Consulting with an attorney before you go to court can save you a considerable amount of  time and worry. 

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